Achieving the needs for Inclusive Playground Users

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides equal access features in publicly-used facilities, including playground equipment. Buildworx is committed to following, promoting, and rising above these guidelines to make playtime a fun time for everyone. Buildworx will install playground equipment that is 100% ADA compliant concerning both the play system and the required ground level events for your inclusive play area.

Inclusive playgrounds are more diverse than in the past. Today’s inclusive playground equipment addresses a diverse group of users, and the equipment is easier to use, has a tolerance for error, addresses low physical effort, and takes size and space for approach and use into consideration. Thankfully, today’s equipment uses Universal Design as its framework for inclusive playground environments. Inclusive playground equipment today aide’s users with Down syndrome, sensory disorders, and visual and hearing impairments.

Over the years, there were extensive amounts of research conducted to create new types of accessible playground equipment that would benefit users with special needs. The new equipment designs are defined in four areas of development skills: Sensory, Motor, Cognitive, and Social/Emotional. All kids benefit from the four defined areas of developmental skills when at play. However, users with disabilities may need to break these skill areas into smaller parts. Some may require more additional sensory input, and others may need less. The frequency of use is also based on the individual. Inclusive playgrounds need to provide a variety of developmental options for users.

Universal design has come a long way! Thankfully, playground equipment for individuals with special needs is accommodated, and there is a large variety of equipment. Let Buildworx work with you on your next inclusive playground project!